Vala Holsteins Rides High in the April 2020 Proofs

Vala breeding is now riding high at the top of the proofs for both males and females.

On the females front, Vala Bandares Boliana sees her genomic BPI (gBPI) increase to 422 thus retaining her breed-leading position. Vala Bandares Sheana (full sister to SHAYDON below) also does well with a gBPI of 376. In fact, the Vala herd now has 22 females with a gBPI score of over 300!

The Vala males are starting to make their impact felt too:

  • Vala Bandares Shaydon (STGSHAYDON – now at ST Genetics) has secured #2 place on the gTPI list with a gBPI of 420. SHAYDON is a Bandares son with a powerful sire stack of Bandares x Silver x Supersire x Snowman x Shottle x Oman out of the proven cow family of Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy (6th dam) and Pine-Tree Martha Sheen (4th dam). SHAYDON is now the #1 bull standing in Australia;
  • Vala Bandares Lark (TLGLARK – now at Total Livestock Genetics) has secured #10 place on the gBPI list with a gBPI of 398. LARK is an A2A2 sire coming from another proven cow family with Comestar Laurie Sheik as his 11th dam; and
  • Vala Suits Bold-P (STGBOLD – now at ST Genetics) has secured #18 place on the gBPI list with a gBPI of 380. BOLD-P is an A2A2 sire and polled. He is the #1 polled bull on the gBPI list that is standing in Australia.

With 3 sires out of the top 20 on the gBPI list Vala is pleased to see Australian-bred bulls competing so strongly with overseas sires. All 3 Vala-bred sires are standing in Australia and making semen to meet the needs of Australian dairymen.

Vala continues to work with both its males and females via its extensive embryo transfer program and we trust that we can keep Australian breeding at the forefront to help develop the genetic potential of the Australian dairy herd. Some exciting new young-stock are now calving down and being genomically tested (our policy at Vala is to genomically test 100% of our livestock so that buyers can have confidence in our breeding) – stay tuned to keep up with the latest at Vala Holsteins.

Vala Bandares Shaydon


Vala Suits Bold-P