Vala Holsteins held its first Spring Feature Sale on 31 October 2019 on-farm at Binda Vale in Toolamba. The Sale was exceptionally well attended with 38 registered bidders, including local and overseas buyers. Despite the wretched conditions facing the dairy sector at the moment and the sustained dry spell and drought ravaging much of the country, bidding for Vala’s livestock was brisk and all 98 heifers sold as well as 9 bulls. The heifers averaged A$2,658 with the top price of A$4,900 being paid for Lot 31 - Vala Crush Haley (with 3rddam being RF Goldwyn Hailey EX97-5E) and second top price of A$4,750 being paid for Lot 24 – Vala Doorman Shimmer (with 3rddam being Blondin James Supra EX90). The complete catalog is available here.

Vala thanks all those who attended and particularly wishes all buyers all the best in further developing the genetics bred by Vala. We wish to see you all back at our Autumn Feature Sale in early 2020 where we will be presenting the next batch of Vala livestock for clearance.

During the Sale many people asked about the Vala Breeding Philosophy and we have produced a note to explain this in more detail here.

DLS did a fantastic job at the Vala Spring Feature Sale and Brian Leslie kindly provided this video summary available on the Vala Facebook page.

Here are some photographs to share of the day’s activities: